Review of “Start Living Today” – A Workbook by The Wellbeing Blogger

An in-depth review of the Start Living Today Workbook by Vanessa Dias, also known as The Wellbeing Blogger.

Do you feel like your life is just too unorganized and just don’t feel like you are living to your full potential? Not sure what you need to do to get things back on track with your life? You’re not alone. While you may think you have things pretty under control, you may not be living your life to its full potential.

A workbook designed for Real People by a Real Person.

I recently obtained an online copy of a workbook called “Start Living Today” by a very respected and amazing individual, Wellbeing Coach, Educator, Consultant, and former Psychologist, Vanessa Dias from The Well Being Blogger.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect because I’ve come across some wellbeing activities that have just been too vague and impersonal. This wasn’t the case with Start Living Today.

Start Living Today challenges you to become more creative by writing a brief story about your life that you can be proud of. If you’ve read my blog then you’ll know I’m a huge advocate about incorporating more creativity in one’s life. This is why I loved this workbook so much. It doesn’t drag out the point with endless and pointless activities. On the contrary, it’s short, simple and to the point with effective and surprising results.

What to Expect

In this workbook, you’ll be asked to take a look at your life and all the different areas that need improvement versus those that are on point. From there, you’ll be challenging yourself with some important questions that will give you a better perspective on the things that you want and value in your life. This will ultimately help you build that beautiful life you see for yourself.

Now don’t expect a 100+ page in-depth workbook full of different activities and strategies to outline your entire life. After all, only you can really determine how you organize and live your life. Nobody else can do that for you. What you can expect is a 30-page colorful and easy to read workbook that will help you start the process of creating a more balanced and organized life. It’s that simple.

You’ll also be introduced to the Wheel of Life. The Wheel of Life is an amazing tool you’ll be able to use in order to illustrate aspects of your very own life. I’m a huge fan of visual learning with colors, graphs, charts, graphic designs or anything else that stimulates your mind visually. It’s no surprise here that I enjoyed seeing what my very own Wheel of Life looked like. This helped me tremendously figure out how to prioritize various things in my life.

How to get your own copy

Head on over to The Well Being Blogger now and fill out a brief form with your name and email. And guess what! It’s only ¬£1.99! That’s like if you were buying yourself a cup of coffee but instead of a caffeine rush, you get a thought-provoking and life evaluating creative rush! And unlike a caffeine rush, you won’t experience any sort of crash because the creative rush will be something that you take with you always!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to The Well Being Blogger now and grab yourself a copy today! Tell her that The Tinker Bug sent you over! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how a small step can make a huge difference in your life.

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