Surviving Spring Cleaning Madness

Spring Cleaning Madness

An in-depth guide to help keep you sane while you attempt to battle Spring cleaning madness.

The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing and the flowers are starting to show their true vibrant colors. The birds are chirping a happy tune and nature is stretching its arms out coming out of hibernation. This can only mean one thing. Spring is finally here! While spring is known to bring life back to nature, it’s also known to wreak havoc on us humans! Why? Spring cleaning, that’s why!

Most people shudder at the mere thought of cleaning, let alone Spring cleaning. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have a completely different mindset about Spring cleaning. But before we get into the nit and gritty cleaning strategies and all of the ways we can make this time of year more fun and less crazy, let’s stop for a moment to understand what exactly is Spring Cleaning and how it came to be.

Time of Worship

The technical definition of Spring cleaning is a thorough cleaning of your home during springtime. Well, that’s pretty obvious. But why do we do this only one time a year? The history of spring cleaning pins it down to various religious traditions. There are tons of religious practices that involve a thorough cleaning of some sort. Each have many differences, however, they all have the same thing in common. Cleansing. It’s a sign of renewal and preparation for better things. Out with the old, in with the new.

Blast to the Past

Hop into my DeLorean really quick and let’s fly back into the 1800s. We’re going back into a time where houses were lit with lamps fueled by oils or kerosene. Fireplaces were constantly stocked with burning coal or wood. As we hover by each home, peek into the hazy windows that are finally being swung open letting in some much-needed spring air after a long and cold winter. You’ll notice there’s a lot of grime and soot that has gathered in every nook and cranny. Vibrant household features have become dark and dreary giving off a horror flick vibe while carpets have collected dust and ashes that have been looming in the air all winter from roaring fires.

Imagine cleaning up all of that mess without the use of our electronic devices that make cleaning tasks a thousand times faster. The extensive cleaning process that included scrubbing walls, floors, and windows along with beating carpets and furniture to release all of the dust and ashes usually lasted about a week.

I think it’s safe to assume that cleaning up that mess was a major necessity as soon as springtime gave everybody the opportunity to let some natural warmth back into their homes. This is why cleaning in the springtime grew into the ever so popular and notorious Spring Cleaning extravaganza that we know today.

Getting Organized is Key

Now that we’ve had a little history lesson and a fun mini field trip into the past, let’s dive right on in and tackle the looming madness ahead of us. No more procrastinating, huffing and puffing. It’s time to just grab the bull by the horns and conquer spring cleaning like a boss. When finishing everything that has to get done this Spring in your house, you’ll be standing on top of that staircase pumping your fists in the air celebrating your well-deserved victory.

Now is a great time to pull out your handy dandy bullet journal, if you have one, and create a plan that you can stick with it. Let’s figure out what needs to get done before becoming overwhelmed with everything at once. Going into a fight without a strategy is a recipe for disaster. Think of it as a domino effect. Starting one task blindly may cause you to discover something else you forgot needed to be taken care of. That newly discovered task alike turns into another discovery and so forth. This results in anxiety, frustration and lack of desire to proceed with getting the job done. No Bueno!

If you google spring cleaning checklist or spring cleaning guide, you’ll see never-ending results of checklists and guides to help you with spring cleaning. Going through those results is a chore all on its own! By the time you finish going through them all, spring will be long gone.

Guide to End all Guides!

What I’ve done is compiled all of those checklists and guides into one ULTIMATE spring cleaning guide so that you don’t have to sit there and go crazy. This is step one in surviving spring cleaning madness! The perfect go-to planner that doesn’t require much effort on your part. I’ve done all the work already for you. Planning work that is. I can’t do the cleaning part for you, sorry!

In order to keep true to what was speculated as a reasonable time frame by our ancestors to complete Spring cleaning, I’ve broken down my guide into 7 days. That’s one full week of Spring cleaning! Now before you jump and freak out thinking that’s just not enough time, think about how our ancestors cleaned everything within a week without the use of our modern day luxuries and devices that make our lives easier. Let that sink in for a moment before the moaning and groaning begin.

However, I do understand that a lot of households have two working parents and just don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. The beauty of this guide is that it can be spread out to fit however many days you need. Just divide the tasks per day.

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To give you a better idea of what you’ll be getting after you sign up for my newsletter, here’s a little breakdown of the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide.

7 Day Breakdown

Day One


Our cleaning madness begins with the bathrooms. Yup, I know it sucks, but once you get the bathrooms out of the way, trust me, you’ll feel so much better. Think of this as a warm-up for the rest of the week. It’s a great way to break the ice and not get overwhelmed just quite yet.

Day Two & Three

Now that the ice has been broken and you’ve gotten warmed up, day two and three are going to challenge you a bit more and take you into the Kitchen. Make sure you really dedicate some time to these two days since the Kitchen for most people tends to be the one that gets the dirtiest and unorganized as time goes by.

Day Four

Time to turn over to the bedrooms. Depending on how many bedrooms you have is what will determine how long it’s going to take you to complete this one. If you have only one bedroom, great! If you have 3 or more rooms, well, then you’ll be sticking to the rooms for the day.

Day Five

Time to switch gears and move into the living room and dining room. Since most homes have these two rooms either together or connected, its only fitting to work on them on the same day. Plus, these two rooms won’t be as extensive as the last few days have been giving you a little breather.

Day Six

Now it’s time to really push it and head into the laundry room and garage. I put these two together since a lot of homes have the washer/dryer in their garage or close to it. Don’t have a laundry room nor a garage? Not a problem, I’ve got something for you too for day four! Whatever area you are dedicating for storage and organization, such as linen closets, will be tackled on day four.

Day Seven

Final day! Today, we are going to do some light cleaning just to make sure everything is all tidy. This includes some things that require you to go outside! Yes, spring cleaning is not just for indoor areas.

Now, don’t think that this little breakdown is all that is covered in this ultimate guide!Β  Included with this guide will be a whole section called Quick Tips Alert where I explain various quick tips, tricks, and hacks I have found over the years that work like a charm for me.

Additionally, you’ll also have access to my FREE Printable Cleaning Cheat Sheet to help you manage your day-to-day cleaning schedule for the rest of the year. This cheat sheet will help you keep your home happy, organized and clean without having to go through Spring Cleaning Madness again throughout the year.

When I tell you that this is the guide to end all guides, I literally mean it is the ultimate guide that will put all other guides to shame! To put it into perspective, as a PDF printout, it’s over 30 pages long! That’s how in depth it is! It’s basically a mini e-book but as an interactive online guide. You will have the option of saving the PDF version of this guide in addition to accessing the interactive online guide.

As I mentioned before, I have researched and compiled various guides and checklists all into one MEGA guide so that you won’t have to go through the endless google results. And the best part, it’s all FREE!

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It’s okay to go over 7 days!

I understand that a lot of people simply cannot finish everything in just 7 days. Although this guide is laid out to complete within 7 days, it can easily be spread out into longer periods of time. While I don’t really recommend stretching it all out to do in 30 days, it can still be done. Why don’t I recommend it? Well, the main reason is procrastination and flat out laziness.

A lot of people suffer from procrastinating tasks for as long as possible. This sometimes leads to never even completing that task that has been pushed back so many times. By limiting yourself to 1-2 weeks for spring cleaning, you force yourself to get the big jobs done faster leaving you with the rest of the month for basic maintenance work such as washing dishes, putting away toys, sweeping and/or vacuuming, and so forth.

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Surviving Spring Cleaning Madness






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